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College Athletes


Tommy Zbikowski (University of Notre Dame – Baltimore Ravens)

Mark Anelli (University of Wisconsin Football – St. Louis Rams)

Donnie Green (University of Georgia – Atlanta Falcons Football)

JR Niklos (The Ohio St. University Football – Kansas City Chiefs)

Brian Schaeffering (University of Illinois Football – Cleveland Browns)

Troy Pascley (University of Louisville Football – New York Giants)

Kyle Prater (Northwestern Illinois Football)

Chris Watt (University of Notre Dame Football – San Diego Chargers)

Cam Brate (Harvard University Football – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Robert Hughes (University of Notre Dame Football – Arizona Cardinals)

Jason Williams (Western Illinois University Football – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Marquice Cole (Northwestern Illinois University Football – New England Patriots)

Tommy Schutt (Penn St. Football)

Nick Liftka (Boston College Football)

Joe Winsor (Northern Illinois University Football – Dallas Cowboys)

Doug Diedrick (Northwestern University Football)

Tony Locke (The Ohio State University Football)

Kwame Agyman (University of Oregon Football)

John Trachitella (Northern Illinois University Football)

Mike Garrity (University of Illinois Football)

John Beutjer (University of Illinois Football)

Josh Schaffer (Western Michigan University Football)

Josh Phillips (Yale University Football – Houston Texans)

Shannon Fitzhugh (Western Illinois Football – Carolina Panthers)

Greg Williams (University of North Carolina Football)

Reilly O’Toole (Northern Illinois University Football)

Tommy Koutsos (Southern Illinois University Football)

Julian Gaines (Northern Michigan University Football)

Eric Millon (Southern Illinois University Football)

Nick Nasti (Eastern Illinois University Football)

Pat Schiller (Northern Illinois University Football – Atlanta Falcons)

Kevin Palermo (Western Illinois University Football)

Mike Ratay (Grand Valley State University Football)

James O’Shaughnesy (Illinois State University Football

Dave Salutric (Harvard University Football)

Roland Kator (University Nevada Las Vegas Football)

Lindsy Fleshman (George Madison University Football)

Sam Clemons (Western Illinois University Football – Chicago Rush)

Ryan Tuggle (Northern Illinois University Football)

Averill Sutchar (San Diego University Football)

Todd Newman (University of Indiana Football)

Spencer Merritt (University of New Mexico Football)

Colin Schweigart (Brown University Football)

Dominique Ware (Northern Illinois University Football)

Rickey Simpson (Illinois State University Football)

Jon Drach (Western Michigan University Football)

Matt Campione (Eastern Illinois University Football)

Nick Kukuc (North Central College Football)

Elliot Lauzen (Harvard University Football)

Tyler Fishbune (University of Wisconsin Football)

Jack Wall (University of Illinois Football)

Joel Cohen (Oregon State University Football)

Dan Menendez (Airforce Academy Football)

Joe Pelizza (Illinois State University Football)

Corey Hofstetter (Western Illinois University Football)

Josh Sutchar (San Diego University Football)

Pat Malek (Mt Union College Football)

Jake Conforti (Dayton University Football)

Matt Soria (Eastern Illinois University Football)

Bradon Turner (Michigan State University Football)

Andrew Hilbrich (Carthage College Football)

Ryan Stuhr (Air Force Academy Football)

Jeff Gilbert (University Central Michigan Football)

Connor Loftus (Harvard University Football)

Mike Maysak (Truman State Football)

Brian Birdis (Eastern Illinois University Football)

Lewis Howes (Capital University Football (NCAA Receiving record)

Josh Giminiski (Naval Academy Football)

Mike Niklos (Robert Morris University – NCAA Interception record)

Donald Martin (University of Louisville Football)

Charlie Smith (Capital University Football)

Sean Ratay (Northern Illinois University Football)

Greg Mahan (Eastern Illinois Unversity Football)

Nick Immekus (University of Illinois Football)

Christian Ebbel (Butler University Football)

Julian Burgos (Bowling Green University Football)

Josh Phillips (Yale University Football – Houston Texans)

Tony Locke (The Ohio State University Football)

Kwame Agyman (University of Illinois Football)

James Carter (University of Illinois Football)

Josh Ferguson (University of Illinois Football)

Mikey Dudek (University of Illinois Football)

Bryce Douglas (University of Illinois Football)

Matt Lacosse (University of Illinois Football)

Mike Garrity (University of Illinois Football)

Jack Wall (university of Illinois Football)

Corey Cooper (University of Nebraska Football)

Jordan Westerkamp (University of Nebraska Football)

Scott Spinewski University of Michigan Football)

Chris Brown (University of Colorado – Houston Texans)

Matt Lacosse (University of Illinois Football)

Connor Luftus (Harvard University Football)

Aaron Everson (Ohio-Dominican University Football)

Dan Teich (University of Wisconsin – Platteville Football)

Jack Norgaard (Central College in Iowa)

Sam (Norgaard (Central College in Iowa)

Geno Mattioda (University of Dayton Football)

Dylan Andrews (St. Thomas College Football)

Andrew Mulshine (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater)

Jeremy Niklos (North Central College Football)

Jake Spinell (North Central College Football)

Matt Randolph (North Central College Football)

Alex Malandro (Eastern Illinois University Football)

Julian Bourgous (Drake University Football)

Jeremy Bourgous (Drake University Football)

Dan Hess (Augustana University Football)

Smith (Butler University Football)

Chris Levine (University of St. Louis Football)

Jeff Samuel (Wabash University Football)

Nick Schaffer (University of Indianapolis Football)

Nate Bond (Monmouth University Football)

Yoel Wonsley (University of Wisconsin-Platteville Football)

Shane Franken (Saint Xavier College Football)

Dominic Cozzi (Western Illinois University Football)

Mike Harriett (University of Chicago Football)

Sean Norris (Wheaton College Football)

Jack Scallucci (Illinois Wesleyan College Football)

Derek Self (Milikin University Football)

Rickey Applewhite (Northern Illinois University Football)

Larry Pope (North Central College Football)

Joey Albin (Milikin University Football)

Nick Castner (North Central College Football)

Ryan Gardner (Tennessee State Football)

Rico Grino (Benedictine College Football)

Dan Lantz (North Central College Football)

Nick Merchut (Carthage College Football)

Jason Wagner (Augusta College Football)

Zach Morrison (Carthage College Football)

Brett Albin (Harper College Football)

Max Frempong (College of DuPage)

Lenald Mombo (College of DuPage Football)

Robert Isaac (College of DuPage Football)

Jared Hall (Division III Football)

Mike Maysak (Truman State Football)

Jim Montgomery (Oneida State Football)

Tim Payne (College of DuPage Football)

Justin Swiatowiec (Harper College Football)

Alex Jeske (Dayton Football)

Clark Gary (Butler Football)

Ryan Sadkowski (Purdue Football)

Keishawn Watson (Western Michigan Football)

Tommy Vitale (Northwestern Football)



Brittany Bock (Notre Dame University Soccer)

Michele Weissenhofer (Notre Dame University Soccer)

Amanda Clark (Notre Dame University Soccer)

Ellen Bartingale (Notre Dame University Soccer)

Jackie Santacaterina (University of Illinois Soccer)

Zoey Goralski (University of Southern California Soccer)

Megan Green (University of Illinois Soccer)

Jenna Romano (Wake Forest University Soccer)

Haley Krentz (University of Missouri Soccer)

Taylor Heatherly (Baylor University Soccer)

Grace Orndorff (Northwestern University Soccer)

Christa Szalach (Purdue University Soccer)

Sarah Sroka (Northwestern University Soccer)

Katie Doyle (Northwestern University Soccer)

Megan Lewis (West Virginia University Soccer)

Bri Santacaterina (DePaul University Soccer)

Lexie Kakness (University of Vermont Soccer)

Heather Marik (Clemson University Soccer)

Abby Kakness (University of Vermont Soccer)

Caley Egan (University of Louisville Soccer)

Brenna Vogel(Eastern Illinois University Soccer)

Mackenzie Fuller (University of Illinois at Chicago Soccer)

Allie McBride (Northern Illinois University Soccer)

Becky Ryan (Marquette University Soccer)

Katie Anderson (Drake University Soccer)

Lauren Ciero (College of Charleston Soccer)

Mary Wandolowski (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Soccer)

Kendall Loggins (University of Cincinnati Soccer)

Molly Borchardt (DePaul University Soccer)

Laura Murphy (Valparaiso University Soccer)

Jillie Johnston (High Point University Soccer)

Nikki Siebert (Wofford College Soccer)

Megan Christiansen (Illinois State University Soccer)

Laren Lafond (Mohmouth College Soccer)

Lauren Livingston (Mohmouth College Soccer)

Laura Bozek (Aurora University Soccer)

Rachel Nerad (Augustana College Soccer)

Beth Burzynski (Ohio State University Soccer)

Mandy Heimann (University of Iowa Soccer)

Kelly Kalkofen (Illinois State University Soccer)

Ashley Marrapode (University of Northern Arizona Soccer)

Kelly Butler (University of Colorado Soccer)

Lauren Hoppenstadt (Eastern Illinois University Soccer)

Jenny Butler (Highpoint College Soccer)

Kendall Loggins (University of Cincinnati Soccer)

Colleen Hillgard (Grand Valley State Soccer)

Pat Doody (University of Indiana Soccer – Chicago Fire)

Brian Ciesiulka (Marquette University Soccer)

Zach Scaffidi (Michigan State University Soccer)

Pat Hillgard (Northwestern University Soccer)

Derek Kosek (University of Illinois Chicago Soccer)

Zach Kovacevic (Bradley University Soccer)

Pat Clore (Augustana University Soccer)

Tyler Brown (University of Illinois Chicago Soccer)

Kyle Smith (St. John’s University Soccer)

Andy Conniff (Benedictine College Soccer)

Megan Kalkofen (Kansas State Soccer)

Kayla Sharples (Northwestern Football)


Jim Thome (Chicago White Sox Pro Baseball)

Scott Podsednik (Chicago White Sox Pro Baseball)

Ian Krol (Oakland A’s Pro Baseball)

Vince DiMaria (University of Illinois Baseball)

Kevin Schrader (University of Cincinnati Baseball)

Kevin Palermo (Eastern Illinois University Baseball)

Mark Moriarty (Colorado State University

Geoff Rowan (Tampa Bay Devil Rays Pro Baseball)

Joe Hernandez (Eastern Illinois University Baseball)


Matt Jones (Phoenix Coyotes NHL – North Dakota University Hockey)

Brett Motherwell (Boston College Hockey)

Zach Jones (North Dakota University Hockey)

Jared Boll (Columbus Blue Jackets NHL)

Chris Forfar (Michigan State Hockey)

Abbey Kakness (University of Vermont Hockey)

Rachel Crissy (Providence College Hockey)


Emily Meyers (Michigan State University Tennis)

Stephanie Miller (Harvard University Tennis)

Katy Clarke (Montana State Tennis)

Greg Sirotek (Marquette University Tennis)


John Clarke (Iowa State Rugby)

Nate Jugenitz (University of Texas Rugby)


Natalie Tarter (University of Wisconsin Track)

McKenzie Schultz (University of Notre Dame Track)

Molly Glandtz (Cornell University Track)

Kelsey Ontko (Duke University Track)

Lizzy Hynes (Boston College Track)

Lindsay Gierke (Northern Iowa University Track)

Jen Kerns (Michigan State Track)

Alicia Carter (Air Force Academy Track)

Kristen Conforti (North Central College Track)

Jessica Cwiak (University Illinois Chicago Track)

Kathleen Thompson (Illinois State University Cross Country/Track)

Jessica Beach (Carthage College Track)

Kristen Heckert (Murray State University Track)

Jessica Carter (Eastern Illinois University Track)

Katie Massey (Illinois State University Track)

Rachel Juszczak (Butler University Track)

Bri Lombardo (North Central College Track)

Krista Stillson (University of Miami Ohio Track)

Jeff Raymond (Iowa University Track)

Marcus Bailey (Southern Illinois University Track)

Derrick Jensen (University Illinois Chicago Track)

Mike Savenago (University Illinois Chicago Track)

Dan Wagner (Western Illinois University Track)

Ryan Massey (Illinois State University Track)

Andrew Barbeau (Butler University Track)

Tom Andersen (Harper College Track)

Amber Farrell (Stanford University Track)

Lauren Stevens (Baylor University Track)

Anna Testiatore (Wake Forrest College Track)

Kailey Mujakvic (University of Iowa Track)

Sam Linck (Lewis University)

Tahler Bandarra (Purdue University Track)


Anthony Maestranzi (Northern Illinois University Basketball – Pro)

Dwayne Evans (University of St. Louis Basketball)S

Sean Omara (Xavier University Basketball)

Nick Fruendt (Northwestern University Basketball)

Cully Payne (DePaul University Basketball)

Zach Pancratz (Northern Illinois University Basketball)

Mark Pancratz (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Basketball)

Brandon Damico (Eastern Illinois University Basketball)

Brandon Smith (Western Illinois University Basketball)

Justin Johnson (North Central College Basketball)

Justin Williams (University of Wisconsin – Whitewater Basketball)

Andre Taylor (Robert Morris College Basketball)

Patrick Bernhard (Oberlin College Basketball)

Pete Konchar (Concordia University Basketball)

Reggie Lemon (Joliet Junior College Basketball)

Lindsay Schrader (Notre Dame University Basketball)

Erica Carter (Binghamton University Basketball)

Casey Baird (Lewis College Basketball)

Kelsey Monroe (Elmhurst College Basketball)

Sarah Seberger (Truman State University Basketball)

Morgan Williams (Millikin University Basketball)

Brittany Williams (Millikin University Basketball)

Stephanie Furr (University of Wisconsin-Parkside Basketball)

Britney Glende (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Basketball)


Laura Canulli (Seton Hall University Softball)

Ally Canulli (Yale University Softball)

Corrine Dennison (Bethal College Softball)

Sarah Gronowski (Butler University Softball)

Leigh Nebendahl (University of Toledo Softball)

Elizabeth Kay (Illinois State Softball)

Christine Williams (Wheaton College Softball)

Jessica Roche (Illinois State College Softball)

Kelly Whipple (LakeLand College Softball)


Jim Duffy (University of Wisconsin Wrestling)

Pat Greco (Northwestern Illinois University Wrestling)

Nico Jimenez (University of Illinois Wrestling)

Vince Castillo (Northern Illinois University Wrestling)

Andrew Geers (Purdue University Wrestling)


Tim Kay (Northern Illinois University Golf)

Kevin Ward (PGA Professional Golf)

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