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Frequently Asked Questions


How old does an athlete need to be to start the Acceleration program?

Acceleration offers training to athletes as young as age 7. Patented “Motor Learning” protocols have been researched at length, and designed to teach proper running and jumping mechanics, as well as improved balance, stability and coordination. This program enhances the muscular and neurological systems that children will use in both sports and everyday living for the rest of their life.

What kind of Results should I expect from the Acceleration Program?

In 30 years of research on athletes, ranging in level from youth to professional, an eight-week Acceleration program has been shown to produce these average results:

          → 0.2 second decrease in 40-yard dash time

          → 2 to 4 inch increase in vertical jump

          → 33% improvement in foot speed

          → 50% recovery time

          → Enhanced neuromuscular facilitation during performance

          → Improved recruitment of fast twitch muscle fiber

          → Increased fortitude (both physical stamina and mental toughness)

What Professional Teams and Major Universities utilize your equipment and protocols?

Carolina Panthers, Golden State Warriors, Stanford University, University of Minnesota, Ohio State University, Michigan Tech, Loyola Marymount and Dickinson State University.

What Professional Athletes have used the Acceleration System in the past?

Larry Fitzgerald, Vince Carter, Darren McFadden, Tracy McGrady, Randy Moss, Sean Alexander, Brett Hull, Tiger Woods, Warrick Dunn, Cal Ripkin Jr., Heather Mitts, Travis Hafner, Juan Pierre, Troy Glaus, Butch Reynolds, just to name a few.


What makes the Acceleration program different / better than other programs?

Acceleration has 30 years of scientific research backing the use of its protocols and equipment. The technologically advanced equipment is patent protected and the results that come from training with our methods are unbeatable. Our 200 centers worldwide, provide the only scientific research backed training systems in existence.

What are the advantages of the PerformX Treadmill?

Although sports are not played on a Treadmill, running mechanic improvements on the Treadmill directly translates on the field, providing athletes the opportunity to out-run and out-maneuver their opponents. The Treadmill also allows athletes to be trained in a super maximal state during over speed training, therefore producing faster and more explosive hip turnover that can’t be duplicated by ground based training. We use the treadmill as a tool to teach technique. The more we can refine an individuals technique, the greater the transfer to the playing surface.

What are the different sessions that you offer?

Our Sports Performance program offers these 3 types of sessions:

Speed sessions – Overspeed training and biomechanical running instruction is done on our super treadmill. The super treadmill goes up to 30 mph and inclines up to 30% elevation. Gait enhancement drills are taught during these sessions. These sessions will teach athletes how to run faster and more efficient. During these sessions, we also work on explosiveness, hip mobility/strength, balance, flexibility, and core strength. (Decrease .02-.04 in 40-yard)


Plyometric sessions – These sessions teach athletes how to move their body in multiple directions (up, down, left, right, front, back, and diagonal) with ultimate speed, quickness, and efficiency. During these sessions we will also work on vertical jump, explosiveness, reaction, balance, flexibility, and core strength. (Vertical Jump increase 2-4 inches, 33% Quicker foot speed)


Power sessions – These sessions teach athletes how to properly use their body as one. Athletes will be taught on how to use all of their muscles in unison for ultimate power and explosiveness. During these sessions we will also work on vertical jump, strength training techniques, full body strength, flexibility, and core strength. (30% increase in total body strength)


*Weight Training is also offered as a separate package:

Weight Training – Athletes will be taught the proper ways to lift and to activate their explosive muscle fibers. Each athlete will focus on their individual goals, whether it be to get stronger, leaner, or gain muscle mass.

How many times do most athletes train?

Most athletes train 2-3 times a week. The length of time ranges from 6 weeks to year round.


Do you offer in-season training?

Yes. Athletes will focus on regeneration, injury prevention, explosive enhancement, and speed maintenance during these sessions.


Do you offer combine/showcase technique training?

Yes. Contact us for more details.

Do you offer team training?

Yes. Contact us for more details.

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