The Facility

Located at 1607 Legacy Circle, Naperville, IL. 60563 Acceleration at the Yard's facility is inside a 103,000 square foot building with a full 100 yard indoor turf field, two 30X30 yard turf fields, as well as a 50 yard sprint track surface. The facility also has a full service daycare as well as an after school program for kids.

Equipment Features

* 50 Yard Sprint Track

* Over 160 Yards of Indoor Turf Space

* Over-Speed Treadmills

* Force Treadmill

* Specialized Resistance Speed Development Equipment

* Specialized  Reaction Time Equipment

* Gym Aware Velocity-Based Training Equipment




Acceleration Sports Performance: 1607 Legacy Circle| Naperville, IL 60563

P: 630.470.9510