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Acceleration Sports Performance offers monthly memberships and session based packages to fit the needs of any athlete. Each session is one hour long in a semi-private group with an expert trainer.  Acceleration trains athletes starting at age 7 all the way to the professional level.  We offer programs for all athletes regardless of sport and starting talent level.

Vertical Jump Training


Acceleration's Performance program offers 3 available sessions:


Speed/Running Mechanics
Our proprietary over-speed treadmills are some of the fastest and highest elevated treadmills in the world. This Super Treadmill goes up to 30mph and 30% incline. All speed work that is done on this treadmill is done with 1-on-1 instruction in front of a mirror and to ensure that proper running mechanics are enforced. The Super Treadmill is the best piece of equipment for increasing and teaching proper mechanics, fast-twitch muscle fiber recruitment, turnover, and knee drive. We take what the athlete learns on the treadmill and transfer it to the ground.

Also known as “jump training” or “plyos”, are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing both speed and power. This training focuses on vertical, horizontal, and multi-directional explosiveness. These drills will help enhance an athlete’s stretch reflex, causing quicker ground contact time. Our proprietary Fitlight trainer, Trak system Plyo Floor, and Vertimax is the best equipment to increase foot speed, lateral reaction, and overall explosiveness.


In sports, the most powerful athlete has the advantage. Many common misconceptions see strength and power synonymous with each other. In training, the amount of weight is not necessarily relative to the power we can create on the field. By using our Force Resisted Treadmills, Medicine Balls, and Prowlers our athletes are not only strong in the weight room but powerful on the field also.

Strength and Conditioning Training

Proper technique and general strength is the main focus. Our athletes follow a base developmental strength program. Once both the Athlete and the Strength Coach feel comfortable with technique and strength the athlete moves from the developmental program to a program that is more targeted on gaining size, and speed.

The general program is based on the actual training age (years they have been properly weight training) of the athlete. The higher the training age the broader the program becomes and the more ‘complicated’ the lift. The program is designed to allow the strength coach to teach all aspects of lifting including Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting.

Athlete Training


A combination of our PERFORMANCE and STRENGTH program. The ATHLETE program provides you with everything you need to take your game to it’s highest level.

Adult Training Crossfit, Boot Camp, Gym

This program is for all levels of fitness and age, from 19-99! Our small group classes will help you improve your body composition, muscle tone, overall strength and energy levels through a quick-paced workout.


Youth athletes will be taught the proper way to run, jump, land, and cut using the most advanced technology and training used today. All Acceleration trainers have an extensive knowledge in the fields of kinesiology and exercise science to ensure the proper development of every athlete.

This youth training program will help youth athletes run faster, move quicker, jump higher, and stay injury free. Youth athletes graduate our program with a new sense of mental toughness, work ethic, and confidence. It is essential for the youth athlete to learn the proper ways to use his/her body during their younger years. What they learn during this period they will take on with them for the rest of their life.

Athlete Recovery

The Recovery & Regeneration program utilizes a range of techniques and tools to help our athletes recover faster in order to continually perform at their optimal level. We use various stretching, massaging and myofascial release methods on top of active recovery workouts based on the best interest of each individual. 

NFL Combine Training

Acceleration’s NFL Combine and Pro Day training program is designed to help prospective NFL players maximize their opportunity to improve their draft status.  Acceleration’s highly experienced trainers implement a PROVEN program designed to make you the best version of yourself that you can be.


Acceleration’s combine training program includes nutrition, supplementation, regeneration, strength training, performance training, combine technique training, film study, and positional work.

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